Roulette Tables

Roulette tables to play the ultimate game of chance.
Our large roulette tables accommodate up to nine standing players and are 3.5′ X 7′ and 37″ high

Who among us doesn’t recognize the familiar clickity-clickety-click as the wheel is spun in motion and the whoosh of the ball as it’s sent in the opposite direction finally dropping into play and settling on the winning number?  It reminds us of possibilities and brings the exhilaration of promise, excitement, and what might be…

Does the House always win at Roulette?  How do you beat the odds?  Is there a safe strategy that wins in the end?  Can I beat the “Wheel”?  All great questions, but we play for FUN and our beautiful, state-of-the-art Roulette Wheels are a great addition to any casino party event.

Red or Black?  Even or Odd?  Straight, Single or Split?  Oh No!

Not to worry, our experienced croupiers are well versed in this French Game of Chance.  They also love to teach their favorite winning strategies to encourage your guests to jump in and experience the thrill!  Casino Party Denver will provide you with an elegant Roulette Wheel and American-style table layout to place bets, as well as chips and perfectly weighted balls.  Your guests will feel like high rollers stepping into an exclusive casino in Monte Carlo.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Next Casino Style Party Event

At Casino Party Denver, we go above and beyond in helping you plan the perfect casino style party event.  From designing the layout and flow to making recommendations on games and winnings, we guarantee a memorable event whether you’re entertaining corporate clients, hosting a fundraising event or planning a private holiday party.

Once you engage Casino Party Denver to plan and deliver your event, you can rest assured that all the details will be handled precisely and on time.  We deliver and set up your casino experience well before the event including tables, chairs, and chips.  Then at the end of your event, we will break down and remove our equipment quickly and efficiently.

And don’t forget some of our other services and games, like our photo booth service, that enhance your event seamlessly and create wonderful memories for your guests to take home.

Contact us today to request a quote and we can help you plan the perfect event and supply everything you need to create a fun and memorable experience.