Craps Tables

Playing on our beautiful craps tables is like being in Vegas.
Our gorgeous Craps tables accommodate up to 12 players and are 4.5′ X 8′ and a full 39″ tall

Walk through any casino or party event and listen for congratulatory cheers and high-fives!  That big crowd is most likely gathered around the Craps table.  A fun and exhilarating dice game that gets everyone in on the betting and has the best odds in the house.

When rolling the dice, if you don’t know the lingo (and there’s a lot of lingo), no need for concern…our dealers at Casino Party Denver can explain “Snake Eyes”, “Box Cars” or “Little Joe from Kokomo”.  Listening to the dealers is half the fun and our dealers know all the jargon.

Confused?  Not to worry….

Our professional dealers are experts at the game and love to show fledgling newbies the ropes.  Whether a corporate team builder, a fundraiser, or a raucous bachelor’s party, your guests can feel free to ask questions, discuss the different strategies, or just play to have fun. The betting is fast and furious, and with play money, everyone can go wild!

Create a full-on casino experience with guests gathered around our beautiful and elegant skirted tables that accommodate 12 players and onlookers with varnished wood and gorgeous leather rails.  Everyone will feel like they are at a high rollers table in the plushest casino.

Expect Service and Style

At Casino Party Denver, we can help plan and design your casino layout.  We will also suggest complimentary games and activities and can even bring along our photo booth to create lasting memories.  You can expect the highest quality tables and accessories to provide your guests with a night to remember.  We arrive and set up your casino experience ahead of your guests’ arrival and, when done, we will break down and remove all our equipment effortlessly.

Contact us today to request a quote and we can help you plan the perfect event and supply everything you need to create a fun and memorable experience.